More Amenities

Swimming Pool and Clubhouse

Nothing beats a cooling dip in the middle of Summer. Our residents enjoy the use of our heated pool and clubhouse facilities. It provides a great family friendly atmosphere and is a huge favorite with the kids. Moreover, we've added charcoal grilling areas for residents to enjoy an outdoor barbeque. Now more than ever, outdoor spaces have proven their importance and this amenity is a real gem.


Covered Parking

Winter in Vermont is a beautiful thing. Tourists from around the country come to visit and enjoy the snow. One aspect that's not so great? Going outside and scraping the snow and ice off your car every morning. This is why our residents particularly appreciate that all our apartments come with their own dedicated parking space and storage area that is protected from the weather.

Indoor Bike Racks

With so many opportunities for eating out, shopping and recreation, you'll want to have a bike. And when you acquire one, we've got you covered. Each of our apartment buildings features a bike rack -- some in the parking area, some above ground -- and this makes it a really convenient method to get around the Taft Corners area.



Vermont statiscially is one of the safest states in the nation. However, we New Englanders also believe in the old adage "good fences make good neighbors." Which, in turn, is why we provide our residents enjoy state-of-the-art entryway security and intercom systems that protect them and their belongings.


Community Garden

Have a green thumb? We have a sizable and expanding communal garden facility. Residents sign up each year for plots which gives them access to container gardening spaces. The gardens produce an impressive array of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers that brighten our day and enhance our dinner tables.


Fitness Facilities

Winters are long and opportunities to stay fit are always welcome.  So we've ensured each of our buildings features its own fitness facility.  Treadmills, spinning cycles, step climbers, free weights and more are all available for your use.

On Site Tesla Chargers

One of the ways we're helping the transition to a greener future is by installing eight Tesla Superchargers on site. Got an electric vehicle or thinking about owning one? We've got you covered, with a broad bank of chargers with super fast charging times. See them just aside Healthy Living.

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